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Bünte & Remmler emerged from the Wagner & Goldschmidt Company located in Frankfurt in 1880. As a petroleum lamp manufacturer BuR evolved into a famous producer of first-class „lamps“ in Germany around the turn of the century. In 1962 BuR was sold to Hoffmeister & Son KG. BuR manufactured sophisticated luminaire programs in Frankfurt and afterwards in Lüdenscheid.


Business Concept

BuR Lighting offers high-quality luminaires and electronic components for industrial lighting. BuR Lighting supports especially industrial and commercial customers with lighting consultancy, special products and technical coordination to create innovative lighting solutions. The BuR Lighting product range meets obligatory standards and regulations. Our luminaires and devices are with high protection classes, certified and suitable for digital lighting control systems. BuR Lighting prepares the ideal lighting solution focusing on LED technology. BuR Lighting uses DIALux lighting design software.



BuR Lighting works in a very technical market segment and offers planning services, high-quality LED luminaires and LED technologies. Our lighting designs are based on the compliance with EN 12464-1 and ASR A3.4 standards. BuR Lighting focuses on high-grade LED industrial luminaires as well as on LED linear trunk systems and LED outdoor luminaires. BuR Lighting luminaires are equipped with high-quality electronic devices and selected LED chips that provide a very high luminous efficacy. They have a uniform light distribution, efficient glare reduction characteristics and high protection classes (IP65). BuR Lighting luminaires are ZigBee or DALI compatible.


BuR Lighting Program

BuR Lighting luminaires have a function-orientated design that matches the surroundings. The luminaires’ functionality dominates. The LED thermal management and the temperature stability respectively are provided by the separation of the LED module and the electronic devices. In the scope of delivery are included:
High bay luminaires on / off
High bay luminaires DALI
High bay luminaires ZigBee
Linear suspended luminaires
Linear ceiling luminaires
Linear trunk systems
Panel lights
Flood light
Pole top luminaires
Path luminaires


LED Technology

Extreme long lifetime of the light source
Low heat generation
Significant reduction of energy costs
Less energy consumption up to 70%
Lowest maintenance costs
Shock and vibration resistance of LEDs
Instant start with full lighting power
Small compact luminaire design
Choice of different lighting colours
Best colour rendering
Accurate lighting distribution
No UV-radiation
Environmentally friendly and free of mercury


Reasons for a new Lighting Solution

Current light concept no longer corresponds to the current regulations
Production shows too high error rates
Increased problems with regard to work safety
Individual workplaces need more or better light
Changing Working Space Conditions:
  - Ambient temperature
  - Humidity
  - Air consistency
  - Change of use in various areas


Advantages of modern LED Lighting

Improvement of productivity
Enhancement of quality
Creation of a friendly and bright work environment
Current reduction of operational costs for:
  - Energy
  - Lamp Replacement
  - Luminaire Maintenance
  - Air Conditioning
Digital Control of:
  - Light situations
  - Illumination Level
  - Light Color
Daylight Control


DIALux Lighting Design Software

The DIALux lighting design software is continuously developed and corresponds to the requirements of up-to-date lighting design and lighting calculation. By means of DIALux light can be calculated and visualized professionally in advance. Nearly 700,000 users worldwide work with DIALux as a lighting design tool. For more information about DIALux please see www.dial.de.


ZigBee Lighting Control

The BuR Lighting ZigBee-Control System allows to combine individual luminaires into groups and to control these groups wirelessly. No additional wiring for the lighting control is needed. With the free „iLightsIn“ App for Android, iOS or Windows several luminaire groups in one room can be administered. The system supports the permanent adjustment between daylight and artificial light by means of radio-controlled data and signal transmission. With the control system motion sensors and daylight sensor can be used over large distances. The system adjusts permanently artificial light and daylight. It reduces energy costs. ZigBee® is a registered trademark of the ZigBee® alliance. For more information about ZigBee please see www.zigbee.org.


Our Offer

Lighting design (DIALux)
Calculation of cost savings
Technical assistance on site
Supply of energy-efficient industrial luminaires
We consult, plan and supply


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